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This is the website for, and the home of our first collection; Roman Legionaries. 10,000 unique Roman Legionary concept character NFT’s soon to be available to mint here and to buy on the marketplace.  We created the collection to admire, hold, trade and to explore gaming potential on Web3.  Production is complete and the mint starts on 1st September! 

The Collection

The Roman Legionaries are randomly generated using multiple hand drawn elements so that no two are the same. Seniority of character and uniqueness of weapons, armour, jewellery, accessories, and injury determines rarity, plus numerous expressions and outfits add to the mix, making some characters more desirable, depending on personal preference. There are millions of potential character variations.

Premint Allowlist registrations now open! 

We are now collecting registrations for the Premint Allowlist!  To register and for details, visit
2,000 Premint spots are available to winners at 0.01 ETH.  Registrations close 31st August.  
Premint starts 1st September 5pm UTC time / 4PM UK time / 11am Eastern Standard Time. 
2,000 Wait List places will be available for unsuccessful Premint entries. Wait list price is 0.02 ETH.
Public mint follows that on the 3rd September at 0.04 ETH. 
Comms with precise timings will be sent by email from

If you connect your wallet before the mint date you’ll get a “sold out” message.

Your Legion Communities

Our Community > Your Legion

All NFT holders will be invited to participate in our community. Pre-mint, our Twitter is the most active channel for our community. 
We want to encourage the growing community to participate in and shape the future of the club, and its projects.  Key decisions will need to be made by the community with active debate. Expect a business-like approach to process, with objectives, action points and follow-up.   


All Roman Legionaries are minted on the Etherium blockchain using the new ERC721a contract. This provides the accessibility and robustness of the Etherium blockchain, with reduced gas fees for multiple mints!

Roman Legionaries as avatars in Web3

We’re committed to exploring Web3 games where the Roman Legionary character becomes your avatar as you explore our Metaverse; meet, socialize, and game.   The community will be key in determining the direction of the gaming project.

So, we watch with awe as leaps of progress are made in 2D > 3D technology by companies like ( ) who have been pioneering the use of avatar animation across platforms.   These developments are fantastic yet still operate in the cloud, rather than in a blockchain based Web3. There is still more work to be done before this technology can be easily deployed. 

Our gaming aspirations are realistic. We want to engage with creators and partners who are passionate about making concepts into a reality.

Active community members who assist in the development of the project will be assigned Roman Legionary NFTs as reward tokens.

Ukraine, charity and accountability

As we were developing the Roman Legionary character concept, Russia had amassed an army on Ukraine’s border and shortly after that, the invasion of Ukraine began, leaving millions displaced and thousands dead or injured. We wanted to help in some way, so we have given 10% of the collection a Ukrainian theme, and 10% of sales will be gifted to support those affected by the war.

You’ll see special Ukrainian concept characters wearing the blue and yellow of the Ukrainian flag, and carrying conventional Roman and contemporary themed weapons that have made the news headlines in recent months; Molotov Cocktails and NLAWs. 10% of the sales proceeds from the collection will be donated to Ukrainian relief organizations via The Giving Block. All donations will be shared on our social media accounts to provide accountability for donations. is not affiliated with or connected to The Giving Block; we chose to donate through them because:
1) They appear credible.
2) They have a specific Ukraine Emergency Response Fund. 
The decision to donate through The Giving Block will be reviewed by the community on our Discord channel. 

The Ukrainian themed Roman Legionaries have the same utility as the rest of the collection. 

For details of the excellent work undertaken by The Giving Block please visit

& Future Projects

We love the Roman Legionary character concept and we’re determined to take our Legionaries into the Metaverse. We have plans for other “Legions” too, each based around the same concepts; fun characters forming Legions that have gaming, community and charity potential. We hope that the community can recommend other ideas: The next characters forming a Legion could be Pirates, Gangs, Celts, or even Chefs!   

All holders of Roman Legionary NFTs will be given priority when it comes to future NFT drops at Watch this space for future announcements about the collections coming in the summer of 2022.

Minimum viable game

Post-launch of the first collection we plan to create several Minimum Viable Games to demonstrate the gaming opportunities available and to engage the community. Your NFT will be your entrance ticket. Gaming ideas will be a key forum for discussion in the community.  We’re realistic in expectations yet we do want something which is fun and playable! 
100 Legionaries will be gifted to the first three individuals or groups who develop the first three MVGs (100 Legionaries gifted per MVG).  Contact us to discuss please.  

Gaming ideas.

Creativity is high on the agenda for our community. We hope and expect the community to bring ideas in their rawest form. 
As at the end of May we have three game concepts – pretty basic in format but all very different.
Check out the Games and Ideas channel here on our Discord server

& Connect

Follow us on Instagram for news and updates. All donations will be posted.

Connect on Twitter and have a say in the community. All donations will be posted.

Visit the live collection on Opensea


Join the debate and get updates on our Discord server


The YourLegion Team is headed by John Thatcher and includes several interested advisors and specialists. You can view John’s personal Twitter profile here and his personal LinkedIn profile profile here. To make contact with John or the team please use the form on this page and we’ll aim to reply within 24 hours. 

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