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This is the website for, and the home of our first NFT collection; Roman Legionaries. 10,000 unique Roman Legionary concept character NFT’s to mint on our dedicated Mint site and to trade on the marketplace.  We created the collection to admire, hold, and trade. 
Minting is done from our dedicated mint site.  

Mint Site

Our Mint site is courtesy of our trusted partner Niftykit. Head over to the Mint site and mint for free using the link below. 
Mint site:
We are using the ERC721A contract which is gas-efficient for multiple mints.  

The Collection

The Roman Legionaries are randomly generated using multiple hand drawn elements so that no two are the same. Seniority of character and uniqueness of weapons, armour, jewellery, accessories, and injury determines rarity, plus numerous expressions and outfits add to the mix, making some characters more desirable, depending on personal preference. There are millions of potential character variations.

Your Legion Communities

Our Community > Your Legion

All NFT holders will be invited to participate in our community. Twitter is the most active channel for our community and we now have 9,000 followers.  


All Roman Legionaries are minted on the Etherium blockchain using the new ERC721A contract. This provides the accessibility and robustness of the Etherium blockchain, with reduced gas fees for multiple mints!

Ukraine, charity and accountability

As we were developing the Roman Legionary character concept, the invasion of Ukraine began, leaving millions in need of support. We wanted to help in some way, so we have given 10% of the collection a Ukrainian theme, and 10% of royalties  will be gifted to Save The Children to support their work in Ukraine.

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If you need to make contact, use the regular Twitter or message box above. Thanks. 

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